Services We Offer

Gun law is about more than just your right to bear arms. Our firm also routinely handles the following types of legal issues:

  • Criminal Defense (within 120 miles of our office in Edwardsville)
  • FOID and CCL Reinstatements (Statewide)
  • Record Expungements (Statewide)
  • Gun Trusts and Estate Plans for Gun Owners
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Illinois FOID Appeals (Statewide)

Illinois is one of just a few states that require a special identification to possess a firearm. Our primary focus is aggressively helping Illinois residents restore their FOID cards.

FOID Reinstatement can involve appealing a FOID revocation to the Illinois State Police and the FOID Card Review Board (FCRB), or it can mean appealing directly to your local Circuit Court.

CCL License Reinstatements
Loss of CCL Instructor Credentials
Consulting Services (Al A Carte)
Estate Plans for Gun Owners
Illinois Criminal Defense (Subject to Distance Limitations)
Expungements (Subject to Distance Limitations)
Gun Dealers & Gun Business Representation (Statewide)